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Ward Fitzgerald
Project Manager

Born in 1959 at the “Old” Halifax Infirmary (which has since been demolished), Ward spent the first ten years of his life growing up on what was then Bancroft Drive in Burnside, at the site of the existing McDonald’s. At the age of 9 he was delivering The Chronicle Herald to 30+ customers, which included most of the businesses in the “Park” at that time. Burnside Industrial Park was in the early stages of development and being a relatively small, rural area with limited traffic, so on weekends, he and his friends would go-cart down Wright Avenue.


Ward worked part time at a variety of jobs while attending school. Shortly after graduating from High School,he was running his own Green Gables franchise. When he realized there was no future in retail, he left the “Big City” and moved to Cape Breton, where he took a job working for a contracting company. He advanced quickly from a labourer position to that of Foreman and after two years he returned to his home town, where he took a position with a local landscaping company. Years later, he was hired by a major sub-sea wellhead supplier and within a year, he was working in the “ Oil Patch” as a Service Technician, where he remained for five years. 


When things out west slowed down, Ward moved back to the Atlantic Provinces, landing in Fredericton NB, where he was Shop Foreman at a machine shop, repairing hydraulic cylinders, valves and hard chrome plating. Five years later he moved back to Halifax and took a position with a demolition company, as a favour to the owner, who was a childhood friend. Starting out as Foreman, Ward used the knowledge and experience he had gained throughout he career and worked tirelessly for years, helping to grow the company into what would later be known as the largest and most successful demolition company in the local market. After being promoted to a management position, Ward continued to work to grow the company, and in 2001, upon recognizing the need for a local environmental remediation company, he established Burnside Environmental Services Ltd.

In 2009, after operating closely with the demolition company he'd helped to build, Ward recognized that times were changing in the industry, there was volatility in the workplace and it was time to move on. In August of that year, Ward and Burnside Environmental Services Ltd. ventured out on their own.  Shortly thereafter, in September of the same year, Volcano Construction Services Ltd. was established and the two companies operated together for six years.  In 2015, Ward took in a business partner, the company's controller Beverly Jones and the two companies were amalgamated as Volcano Construction Services Ltd. For the next five years, the partners worked tirelessly together to position the company as a leader and an innovator in its sector of the construction industry.  


In January 2020, Ward sold his shares in the company to his business partner and took on a new role for the company, one that focuses on business development and customer satisfaction and retention. Volcano has come a long way since its inception and is very well respected in the industry. Ward is looking forward to his new role, which will afford him the time to meet with the endless number of contractors, project managers, site foremen, labourers, tradesmen, competitors and employees that he has come to know throughout his many years in the industry.  He plans to use his new position as an opportunity to build on these relationships, to assist the management team with their plansfor the next phase of Volcano's growth.  

Ward currently lives in Lake Echo with his son Nick and the “Best Dog in The World” Aussie.

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