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Brady Campbell
Logistics Manager

Born and raised in HRM and spending his early years in Cow Bay, Brady is a very proud Nova Scotian. He spent most of his life watching and listening to his family members, who have worked in the demolition industry for the past 15-20 years. Volcano Construction Services Ltd. has been a family run business since inception and Brady knew from a very young age that his family’s vision for the company was something he wanted to be part of. 

He started his career with Volcano at a very young age, working as a general labourer during his summer breaks from school, but he soon realized he wanted something more. After graduating from high school and working with the company for a year, he decided to pursue a career in civil construction. He spent a year in that industry, during which time he advanced to a heavy equipment operator, working predominantly on natural gas installations. After gaining a vast amount of experience operating excavators, front-end loaders and large-scale vehicles, he returned to Volcano as the Logistics Manager in early 2023. 

Brady has since been an integral part of Volcano’s expansion into using its’ own roll-off bins for debris and is responsible for coordination and delivery of bins and heavy equipment to sites; a skill that came naturally to him as an accomplished operator. 

Brady now resides in Dartmouth, N.S. He is excited and looking forward to a bright career with Volcano.

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