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Volcano &

The Environment 

At Volcano, we respect the world we live in, which is why we strive to achieve your vision while keeping our environment in mind. We are committed to green practices and services that will both enrich human life and protect our environment including land, vegetation, water, fisheries, air, and wildlife.


Our Environmental Impact:


  1. To maintain an environmental management system to guide our business activities and to continually make improvements to our systems wherever and whenever possible;

  2. To comply with all relevant legislation and regulations and strive to exceed them whenever possible;

  3. To develop employee knowledge and understanding of environmental issues related to job functions;

  4. To maintain an operation that promotes proper uses of resources and reduction of waste from existing and future operations;

  5. To keep employees, suppliers and customers informed of our Environmental Policy and amendments.


The company, management, and its employees are committed to continual assessments of environmental management practices and the prevention of pollution in every aspect of our business activities.


The implementation of and commitment to this policy is a primary objective of management and is the responsibility of all employees.  Protection of the environment and its resources must always remain a priority for management and employees in order to ensure the effectiveness of this policy.  At Volcano, we are all committed to the cause.

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