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Jake Siegner CRSP

Safety Manager

Raised in Halifax, NS, Jake has been extremely fortunate to have travelled and worked all over Canada. With a background in sales and IT, he decided to make a complete u-turn and go back to school in his late 30’s.

After graduating in 2010 with honours from the Nova Scotia Community College Occupational Health and Safety Program, he went to work for a local, non-profit organization tasked with assisting Nova Scotian’s involved in the construction industry. This was a great opportunity to learn about safety auditing, training and curriculum development.

When the opportunity came for him to join a company as their in-house Safety Advisor, he jumped at it. Learning about demolition, hazmat removal, and how safety works in the “real world” was a huge turning point for his career and one he’s embraced ever since.


After a few years, Jake was drawn to industrial construction safety for the experience and even the adventure. From Fort MacMurray to remote locations in the Northwest Territories to Nunavut and Labrador, he was able to do what he loves while also learning about the people and places he found himself in. While he was travelling the country working, his family was growing, and he knew it was time to think about staying home.


In February 2017, Jake joined a local company as the Safety Manager, where he worked diligently to bring what he’s learned to them. With a drive to continuously learn and educate, he’s very excited to be the Safety Manager for Volcano Construction Services.


Be it a corporate boardroom with all the stakeholders, a few craftspeople on the job, or an annual safety meeting with 200 people, Jake is more than comfortable talking about the profession he loves and his experiences with anyone.


Always the professional, Jake’s sense of humour, compassion, respectfulness and excitement come through in everything he does.

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