Hey, I’m Katie. I’m originally from Pictou County, Nova Scotia.

I grew in a small town, playing music and always had a drive to learn new things. My grandfather would teach me guitar, how to work on our truck, how to fix our radio, how to build a bed – anything and everything. I grew up with the mentality that if you want to know how to works – you can. He taught me something very different than “If it aint broke don’t fix it.” He taught me “If it isn’t broke, but it could be better – take it apart and figure it out.”

I believe it’s that same lesson that helped me throughout my professional life. I am a creative person and always had a passion for improving things. Analysing processes, systems, policies – and finding a way to identify the pain points and improve upon them. At a young age I began working for an inventory company. I was very fortunate to have a district manager who saw something in me and believed I could help improve the company. I was moved to a management position in a short time. There I was able to refine my creativity, learn, grow, and find my place in improving the bottom line.  I worked on changing the training modules and metrics, understanding our applications, and improving our sales processes. I am thankful for the lessons I learned while working there but it did require me to move around a lot and I was looking for something a little closer to home.

I began working in the staffing/ recruiting industry. I loved the challenge of an ever-changing work environment. The staffing industry is so competitive – but so am I. It really was a great fit for me. Spending years in the industry and eventually moving through the ranks and managing a branch of my own– I learned more about business, marketing, customer and employee retention. I redeveloped the recruitment process, targeted new markets, grew the company’s social presence, and had a blast doing it.

Through out the years Volcano Construction had been one of our biggest clients.  I worked closely with Volcano on many projects. I had been recruiting for Volcano upwards of 5 years. I had hired a great deal of the field staff, even some of the management team that are here today. I knew Volcano was looking to grow. To change the way they did things, update their systems and become more known for the awesome, specialized work they do.

I came to Volcano officially in October of 2019.  I’m excited to be here, to be part of the growth, the change, and to be part of the Volcano Family (not just an honorary member haha)

Katie Delaney

HR Manager & Multi Media Designer

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